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Asap - The Dark Web Leader

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The darknet marketplace known as ASAP Market has been a significant presence for about two years, offering a wide range of items and earning a reputation for its efforts to detect fraudulent vendors and reviews. Previously called ASEAN Market, it has undergone a name change but still values its vendors, offering flexible vendor bonds. The market's administrators are highly accessible and helpful, participating actively on the Dread forum to assist users with any issues. While there may be occasional slowdowns, these are not any more significant than those experienced on other darknet markets.

ASAP Market accepts Bitcoin and Monero as payment, utilizing a centralized wallet system that holds funds in escrow until buyers receive their orders and confirm receipt. Some reputable sellers are allowed to conduct Finalize Early Orders. The market stands out for its extensive collection of digital goods, including unique and hard-to-find items, although the vendors may not have the same level of experience as those on other platforms.


Range of products

ASAP Market is a functional darknet marketplace that offers a range of digital goods and fraud-related products and services, with smaller and less established vendors. However, this does not necessarily mean inferior quality. Although relatively new, ASAP Market has a substantial inventory of over 40,000 listings, categorized into various groups like Doping, RCs, Marijuana, and Hash, among others. The most extensive selection of items is found in digital goods, followed by scams, cannabis and hash, and stimulants. While the list filter may not be as effective, the search box generally performs better in locating specific items.

Asap - The Dark Web Leader Details


Javascript-free 2FA PGP Finalize-Early Escrow Multisig

Operating since:



Counterfeit items Guides & Tutorials Fraud Drugs

Total listings:

42000 (As of 2023-Mar-11)

Supported coins:

Bitcoin Monero

Vendor bond:

$ 250